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Daytona Bike Week 2019

By John Keyes

In March, I went to the 78th anniversary of the Daytona Bike Week in Florida. It is a great event with a huge amount of bikes. Around 500,000 attend the event. Naturally, most are Harleys but all makes are on the roads. The state of Florida allows bikers to use their motorcycles without wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, I was speaking to a guy who told me that at least five bikers die at the event every year. While I was there, I saw several bike accidents. The Main Street in Daytona is where the main cruising goes on for hours in the evening and it is stuffed with shops and bars. If you're ever thinking of going, look at the Daytona Bike Week website ( Hotels can be expensive but deals can be found. I spoke to another guy I had met a few years ago who has always owned a Goldwing. He is now coming up on 583,000 miles on the original engine and clutch of his GL1800. He has replaced starters, alternators, final drive and some other service parts which you would expect to wear out. He works for a big motorcycle company that do trade shows all over America and he rides his bike to them every year. He showed me a route map he did for 2018 and it’s like you gave a marker to a kid to draw on a map. Below are photos from the event including some of a one-man-band on a trike.

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