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GWOCI represented at Select Hotels of Ireland annual corporate event

The Goldwing Owners Club of Ireland was represented at the annual corporate event of Select Hotels of Ireland by Rebecca and Denis Dwyer. The event took place on 4th April at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The club was invited by Jim Maher of Select Hotels following the success of the Munster Wings Christmas Party in January, which was held at the Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarbery (, a member of the Select Hotels of Ireland group. It was a fantastic evening with lovely people and it is hoped that the club will benefit from this relationship with Select Hotels for future Treffens and other club events. See for a full list of member hotels around the country. Thanks to the Munster Wings Rep, Mike Hannigan, and all of the members of the Munster Wings for putting Rebecca and Denis forward to attend on their behalf.

Rebecca was the designated driver for the night so, sadly, this pint of Guinness was just for show! This didn't (in any way) take away from the meal, though, which was delicious!

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